Glyn Devey

Glyn Devey, an accomplished composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, boasts a dynamic 30+ year career deeply entrenched in the diverse landscapes of music.  His passion spans film, TV, jazz, contemporary rock/pop, and electronic music, creating a unique sonic identity that melds traditional orchestral and acoustic instruments with electronic and experimental sounds.  Throughout his illustrious career, Glyn has left his mark on advertising and entertainment, contributing to TV adverts for renowned brands like Cosmote, L’Oreal, TSB, SkyTV and Freshbooks.  His compositions have also graced popular shows like Love Island and Neighbours, while his film score cues span biopics, drama, and horror genres.
Beyond composition, Glyn has excelled as a producer and writer for artists across diverse genres, showcasing his versatility in Pop, Rock, Country, Folk, Grunge, RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Reggae.  As a performer and musical director, he has taken the stage for tribute artists, theatre productions, corporate engagements, live tours and acoustic performance.  Glyn’s lifelong connection with music began at the age of three when he first touched the strings of an acoustic guitar.  His early experimentation with music production led to formal studies in composition, performance, technology, and production.  Besides his professional pursuits, Glyn contributes to music education, having authored Higher National Diplomas/Foundation Degrees in Music Composition, Performance, Production and Technology.
Looking ahead, Glyn’s journey continuous with four upcoming film projects in the Biography, Horror, Drama, and Action genres.

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