How to Enter

Apply online To apply to enter the Festival, click on the button to the left and follow the instructions.
Click here If you require more detailed instructions, a full document is available here:

These instructions apply to all classes except the Emanuel Trophy Piano Competition.

The first time you use the new entry system, you will need to register.

Once you have logged on, click Enter a class. You will then be given the choice of entering yourself, someone else, such as a child or a pupil or a group. If you select, ‘Someone else you can enter someone new.

Select the section and then click on the box next to the class/classes you wish to enter.

At this point you can either carry on to pay or save your entry.

When you pay, you will be offered the opportunity to make a donation to the Festival.

When you have paid you will receive an acknowledgement with your reference number. You won’t see your entry in the list of entries until you have paid.


The following notes only apply to some Choir entries and some Speech and Drama entries. All other competitions in 2024 will be live.

The festival uses Dropbox to receive and securely store videos. You do not need to have a Dropbox account of your own.

Only one video per entry. If you will be playing more than one piece in your entry they must be recorded in one video.

The application process will ask you to give your video a specific name, requested by the Festival. The file name it asks you to use enables the system to know that the video belongs to your entry.

For example, an entry for Rosemary Cook into class 300 may ask you to name the video file Rosemary_C_CLASS_300_R_10.

Once you have confirmed the name of your video, select choose files in the Dropbox window. You will be asked to provide your name and email address.

When you have provided your details, click on the upload button.


You can record your performance on any device. It would be good to put the device on a solid surface, so that the image is steady.

Record in landscape orientation.

Your uploaded video file must be in one of the following formats: avi, flv, wmv, mov or mp4.

Use a video resolution of 720p (HD) or less.

For musicians, make sure the person can be seen clearly playing their instrument.

For drama pieces, ensure the full performance area can be seen and that the lighting is suitable.

Please dress appropriately for a performance and, where possible, record with an uncluttered background. We suggest you make a short test recording to check things before trying to make the final recording.

Only one video can be uploaded per entry: The performance of each piece of music must not be edited. However, you may record each piece separately and then edit the recordings together.

If you are entering the News report/ TV presenting section this can take the form of numerous videos that are edited together.


All videos should be recorded specifically for this Festival. If this is not the case for a composition entry, please discuss this with the Section Secretary.

For all entries except for the senior music competitions include a simple introduction, e.g. Hello, my name is Pietro Dupont, I am going to play Saint-Saens: Havanaise, Op 23. Today is Sunday 14th March 2021.

Entrants for the senior music competitions should include a longer introduction, which will not be included in the performance time.

Prizes will be awarded not only for the performance of a balanced and well-designed programme. Entrants will find themselves adjudicated not only on the depth of their musicianship but also on how they present themselves. A verbal introduction to the musical programme is an integral part of the performance.

Where possible, music published with an accompaniment should be performed with that accompaniment. This may be provided live by a pianist or by a backing track. If you are having difficulty finding an accompanist, please contact the Section Secretary.

Your video and the copy of the score/script will be used to adjudicate your performance. Unless you have given permission for the recording to be used by the Festival for promotional purposes, it will be deleted when the Festival is over.

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